The Festival

 Festival at a Glance

Date Venue Event Time Price
Tuesday, June 12 Ryerson The Bundleworkshop production 7pm PWYC
Ryerson Ian Watson masterclass 10-5pm $75/students $49 registration required
Wednesday, June 13 Buddies In Bad Times Chair reading 8 pm PWYC
Thursday, June 14 Tarragon Have I None workshop Day 1
2-6pm $50 registration required
Ryerson The Bundle workshopproduction 7pm PWYC
Friday, June 15 Tarragon Have I None workshop Day 2
10 am – 1 pm registration required
Stratford Bingo reading 7pm FREE
Saturday, June 16 Tarragon Have I None workshop presentation
7pm $20
Sunday June 17 Berkeley Street Symposium 1- 4pm PWYC
Monday, June 18 YPT Tune  Reading 12noon PWYC
Programming addition! June 18 Shaw Festival Rehearsal Hall #3  The Sea
reading/talkback with Edward Bond

RSVP 1 800 657 1106
ext. 2395 as space is limited

Tuesday, June 19 Tarragon The Under Room reading 4pm PWYC
Tarragon Red, Black & Ignorant reading 7pm PWYC
Wednesday, June 20 Theatre Centre The Wrecking  Ball politcal theatre cabaret 8pm PWYC

Hi, my name is Alan Dilworth. I am a theatre director and co-Artistic Director of Sheep No Wool Theatre Company based in Toronto, Canada. This June, Sheep No Wool is bringing world-renowned master playwright Edward Bond to Toronto for a festival celebrating his 50th anniversary as a playwright.  We are a small indie company with no infrastructure creating a one-time festival for one of the world’s most acclaimed independent artistic spirits.

To donate to the festival visit our Indie GoGo page.

The festival takes place in Toronto and other locations across Southern Ontario from June 12-20th. The festival consists of eleven encounters featuring over fifty Canadian theatre artists and twelve theatre companies in ten days. In the spirit of Bond’s work we are keeping ticket prices affordable to ensure the participation of youth, and to make engagement for individuals at multiple events, possible.

The festival is made up of eleven encounters: six workshop readings of Bond’s works, a workshop presentation of Bond’s play Have I None with the collaboration of Bond himself before a live audience, a Symposium featuring Edward Bond and UK director Chris Cooper, and an acclaimed Ryerson Theatre School remount production of Bond’s epic play The Bundle. The festival culminates with The Wrecking Ball #13, Toronto’s political theatre cabaret. 

The focus of the Edward Bond Festival will be two-fold: the investigation of the evolution of Bond’s vision of drama with a special focus on the Chair Plays: Have I None, Chair, and The Under Room. The second focus is an investigation of ‘post-Stanislavsky’ methodologies for interpreting and staging raw, spare, poetic texts.

Please come out from June 12th-20th 2012, and engage with one of the most extraordinary living playwrights, and a remarkable team of Canadian directors, actors, designers and producers. Click here for events and locations.

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